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  • Product Name : Hotel Black Marquina Marble Tile
    Size : statues121539
    Country of Origin : China
    Contact : Hank Lee (mr) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Hotel Black Marquina Tile is means that the China Black Marquina Marble used for some hotel projects. We know the black marquina marble tiles can be cover many shapes products ,not just for flooring tile,wall tiles, and its also can be used for reception table, and special column support,etc.

    The Black Marquina Marble is a pure black color stone that with white veins on the surface, this material from Guangxi province,China, its can be cut in big size slabs, and mostly popular finished products, this products has export to Australia,USA,Isreal, and many countries and markets.In the China, there just has few types natural marble in black color, and the texture also in various types. The black marquina marble with good physical data, the material density is 2.68g/cm3, the water absorption is good too.